Kemebourama Etude, a kora tune for learners

This tune was created for kora students, with clear parts and is not too intricate, but beautiful.

I think one of the hard part about learning kora is that the tunes are very often full of improvisations.
But this is a real good thing actually, as it is one the last music on the planet that is not scripted for the beginning to the end.
To build a bridge between that way of free playing and the beginner’s stage, and allow beginners to have a clear and safe roadmap that they can enjoy and show to people, I created this structure.

If you’re interested in getting the score in MIDI, MusicXml, PDF and in the Jaliya format, you can go to this link.

If you want to downlaod the track, you can find it ici.
The full course can be found ici.

The list of all my courses can be found here.