I can say that I had a REALLY hard time learning to play the kora since I started in 2002…

Long story short, after one year and a half in Mali, I needed to find my path, my style, my place in the musical universe.
It took me a really long time (and I’m still searching!) to figure out a way to play the kora, where I am as a musician and how do I approach music.

My philosophy is to share my shortcuts, my discoveries, the things that were the hardest to learn and make them as readily available as possible.
If you come to me, as long as you’re sincere, honest and dedicated (that’s my requirements), I will give you my treasures, I want you to enjoy the process and not take the longest and hardest road.

The fastest you’re independent, the better for me!

I tried to build courses that apply these principles, as if I was next to you and take you by the hand, step by step, as if I was teaching my younger self back then in Mali in 2003…

Bamako 2003, reggae band “Avia”