Who am I?

I started playing the kora in 2001 after spending two months in Burkina Faso as a medical student in Burkina Faso…
Then after graduating, I started focusing full time on music.

Now after more than 20 years of learning, I decided to create a method to teach, as there is very little material on the subject.

To me, the most important is to build very solid foundations.
The best way to teach I found is to give homeworks to me students, then we meet online once a week to check their work.
It is the fastest and the most efficient for me and the student.

If you want to see my offers, you can go to my courses website here.

If you want to learn something that is not in my courses, contact me to ask me about it…

You can listen to some of the tunes you can learn with me here and below.
All my activities can be found here.

The famous tune Kemebourama, a very nice tune to learn to play with your thumbs and indexes at the same time.

The tune Lampan Tere, as it is played on the mythical album “Ancient Strings”.
A connection to the past and old masters.

-Je vous donne des exercices à faire chaque jour pendant la semaine